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Gary would like to be a good role model and inspire skaters and spectators as legendary figure skater. 
He has continued to perform and compete for more than half a century to develop mastery through theoretical and experimental research, discovering and exploring by scientific method based on physics, vitality, and training output.


Hard work and discipline for decades
Intelligent training to maximize progress
Emphasis on fundamentals of sport and figure skating.
Off-ice lifestyle for health and fitness.

Amateur Skating Career

Started skating on White Mud Creek in Edmonton and eventually Royal Glenora Club around age 7. Coaches were Carolyn Dick, Eddie Collins and Michael Williams. Also skated at Calalta Skating Club in Calgary at an early age with coach Sharon Lariviere. Skated a few summer schools in Victoria at RCV figure skating club with coach Ron Vincent. Moved to Toronto Cricket, Skating, and Curling Club at age 12 with coach Sheldon Galbraith. Also trained with Louis Stong at Weston and Granite Club and later with Ellen Burka. Went to Lake Placid a few summers to train with Tommy Litz. Went to Colorado Springs one summer to train with Carlo Fassi.  Competed in 12 consecutive Canadian Championships 1973 to 1984. Placed 2nd in Novice, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st in Junior, and 3rd and 2nd in Senior. First international competitions were Nebelhorn Trophy, Oberstdorf, Germany, and St. Gervais Grand Prix in 1976. Placed 6th and 5th respectively. Placed 4th in Prague Skate 1977. Placed 3rd in both St. Gervais and Oberstdorf 1978. Also competed in Ennia Cup, The Hague, 1979 and 1980, Moscow Skate, 1981 and 83, silver medal, and Skate Canada 1983 and 84. Competed in Skate America, Lake Placid 1979. Competed in two World Championships. Placed 13th and 10th. Placed 11th in Olympics 1984.


Competitive Accomplishment

2016 Swan Challenge, Beld, Slovenia,

Elite Masters Men's Free and Artistic Champion
2016 ISU Adult Skating Championship Oberstdorf,

Elite Masters Men's Free and Artistic Champion 
2014-16 ISU Adult Elite Masters Men's Free and Artistic Champion 
1984 Sarajevo Olympic Men's Single
1983-1984 World Team of Skate Canada, Canadian Nationals
1977 Canadian Junior Men Champion


Professional Performance Career

1984-86 Torvill and Dean World Tour
1991-98 Champion on Ice Tour
1988 World Professional Champion
1988-90 Boitano Witt Skating Tour
1992 Stars On Ice
Ice Theater of New York featured artist 

Cooperation with Balbir-Singh Dance Festival



Balbir Singh

Gary Beacom is one of those unique individuals in life. Creatively gifted, a master of improvisation and being in the moment, a magnetic performer, humble, open and deeply intelligent.

He is a delight to work with – both in the studio and on ice. His commitment, concentration and focus are absolute. There is no emotional clutter or distraction.

As a collaborator, Gary constantly surprises. Sometimes we are all trying to catch up with his thought process and where his thinking is going with ideas being explored. You can see his resolve and inner strength; he has constantly pushed and challenged himself throughout his long-lasting career in the world of ice skating.

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